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Thread: Welcome to The Deco Stop!

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    Welcome to The Deco Stop!

    Hello and welcome to The Deco Stop - the largest online technical diving community.

    The Deco Stop is the internet's best resource for the open sharing of information for technical divers of all levels. Open and closed circuit technical divers can all find like-minded members to share and discuss ideas, as well as plan and organize diving. Our membership includes active tech diving instructors, divers, doctors, lawyers, pilots, submariners, military, law enforcement, engineers, academics, as well as old salts. Furthermore, the industry’s manufacturers and training agencies are all posting here. From dark caves, to deep ocean wrecks, there will be something here for you.

    At the Deco Stop, moderation is kept at a minimum. We understand that on occasion people will disagree on topics. We encourage spirited debate, and find some of the most useful and informative discussion can come as a result. While good-natured ribbing is all in good fun, we ask that you leave hostility at the door. Mean-spirited posting, direct insults, or hostility will be moderated.

    Sometimes topics will wander from their intended topic. Sometimes topics will involve non-technical diving subjects. While the main focus of this board is technical diving, the occasional off-topic threads will be tolerated.

    This is your board, and we want your input. We want ideas and suggestions on how you’d like to see this board run. Public suggestions may be posted in the ‘site suggestions’ sub section of the forum. Private suggestions or concerns may be sent by private message to any of the administrators directly.

    We aim to keep The Deco Stop as a knowledge base for members of all levels, as well as a resource for new members wishing to learn about technical diving, and for veteran members to share their experience.

    Please keep in mind that there are only a few of us running this board, all as volunteer positions. Anyone who wants to assist in any capacity, your help is welcome. We cannot monitor every thread and post. If you see something not in a good spirit of the forum, please let us know by using the report post button, or by sending a PM to an administrator or a moderator.

    Thanks and welcome!
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