Mike Young of KISS Rebreathers came down and we had a great weekend of learning and diving fun.

The weekend kicked off Thursday with Tony Land’s ‘Intro to Rebreathers’ lecture. This lecture glossed over the basic fundamentals of rebreathers, discussed the differences in features and options prospective buyers find on today’s rebreather, and lays a basic foundation for those looking to enter the rebreather sport. The presentation ended with a question and answer session and a breakdown of the units on display in the showroom.

Friday evening was a great dinner, followed by Mike Young’s presentation “The Crazy Things We do.” Mike spent 2 hours with the audience, sharing funny stories, near misses, and just some amazing tales about the adventures he has squeezing himself into tiny caves around the world. All agreed that this was the highlight of the weekend.

Saturday began with Mike Young giving a lecture on KISS’ line of rebreathers, along with a hands-on demo session. Caught in the audience were a few diehard OC folks who want their identity to remain secret.

Saturday evening, Claudia Roussos presented a very interesting lecture “The Truth about CO2,” which is an eye-opening lecture for any technical diver. An anesthesiologist by profession, Dr Roussos’ is well versed on the affects of carbon dioxide on the body, and her lecture is derived from the latest scientific research in diving medicine.

Sunday morning began with a dive on the Hydro Atlantic. 11 open, and closed-circuit divers dropped in on the wreck, and enjoyed a hot-drop in the 3-knot current. The wreck greeted us with 50 foot visibility, cool bottom temps and the usual – lots of marine life. Most divers did a 30-minute bottom time on the wreck and free-ascended in the current, and enjoyed a great lunch afterwards. A 3-minute video highlight of the dive is below.

Sunday afternoon Dr Doug Ebersole presented ‘Coronary Artery Disease & Diving. Coronary artery disease can affect persons of all ages, and is the cause of death in 25% of diving fatalities. Dr Ebersole discussed the risk factors and how this affects divers.

The weekend ended Sunday evening with Peter Sotis giving his lecture “Understanding Gradient Factors,” which is always a crowd pleaser. Due to the broad nature of the lecture and how it relates to decompression diving, Peter now calls the lecture “Understanding Decompression.” Peter addressed the crowd with examples of how the manipulation of your gradient factors affects your real world diving.

Overall a great weekend, and we thank everyone who participated, presented and attended!